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MyZeroCarbon has published two new videos!


Short explainer video: What is Climate Change? (7:14)


Longer video: What is Climate Change? with extra detail (12:53)


This video covers four questions: What is climate change?  What is causing it? Where is it happening? Why does it matter?


What is climate change?

What is causing it?

Where is it happening?

Why does it matter?


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You can find data and read up on more information about

Planets and the atmosphere


How Green House Gases affect global warming, how long they live and how strong their effect is: (atmospheric lifetime of some CFC)


Carbon Dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere: (Vostock ice core of CO2 concentrations data for the last 400,000 years) (CO2 emissions since 1750 by country)


Annual household waste (UK)


Global temperatures since 1850


IPCC report from August 2021: (IPCC report headline statements)


Climate tipping points, vicious-circle, downward-spiral events:



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Money savings:                



Other benefits:  


Other benefits may include personal health, water savings, nature conservation, better air quality, income for the local economy