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Reflections on the My Zero Carbon Social Media Impact Report


As the Project Officer for My Zero Carbon, I am delighted to share my reflections on our latest Social Media Impact Report (June 2024). This report shows the tangible outcomes of our efforts in educating and motivating individuals to take meaningful climate action. It’s great to see the positive difference My Zero Carbon is making. This is both in raising awareness and driving real-world changes. We are grateful to everybody who responded to our survey to amke thsi report possible.


For the first time, we have been able to show a direct link from our online activity to direct Climate Action on the ground, making a real positive difference to people's lives and the planet.


Key Outcomes

Our social media initiatives have contributed to several important outcomes:


1. Enhanced Climate Education: One of our primary goals is to educate people about climate change and the actions they can take to mitigate its effects. The report shows that a large majority of our followers feel better informed about climate change. 85% of respondents reported being more knowledgeable about climate issues and actions after engaging with our content.


2. Increased Climate Action: Education alone is not enough; it must translate into action. Our survey indicates that our followers are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprints. For example, 62% of respondents have reduced their energy use.  47% are walking or cycling more frequently. These actions collectively contribute to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Improved Motivation and Mental Health: Addressing climate change can be overwhelming, but our content aims to inspire and motivate. It's heartening to see that 62% of our followers feel more motivated to take climate action. 50% feel more hopeful about the future. Some respondents noted improvements in their mental health, feeling less anxious and depressed about climate change.


4. Environmental Benefits in the real world: The actions taken by our followers have real positive environmental benefits. The survey estimates that the climate actions by just 78 respondents represent an annual carbon saving of at least 80 tonnes of CO2. Extrapolating this to our entire follower base suggests a potential annual reduction of around 12,000 tonnes of CO2.


Anecdotal Evidence and Personal Stories
The quantitative data is impressive. The personal stories and anecdotes from our followers add a rich, qualitative layer to our impact. These narratives highlight the transformative power of our content, from individuals adopting plant-based diets to communities organising local climate action groups. I encourage everyone to share their own stories, as they can inspire others and amplify our collective impact.


Way Forward
As we look ahead, several key initiatives will guide our efforts:
1. Becoming a Registered Charity: We are on the verge of becoming a registered charity under the name My Zero Carbn Climate Action. This is a a milestone that will enhance our credibility and capacity to drive change. This status will open new avenues for funding and collaboration, enabling us to expand our reach and impact.
2. Improving Survey Methodology: To better understand and measure our impact, we plan to refine our survey methods and broaden our respondent base beyond Twitter. This will provide a more comprehensive view of our influence across different platforms and demographics.
3. Continued Monitoring and Reporting: Ongoing monitoring is crucial for assessing our progress and making informed adjustments. We will continue to conduct annual surveys and publish reports, ensuring transparency and accountability in our work.



The My Zero Carbon project is making significant strides in the fight against climate change. Our social media efforts are not just spreading awareness but also catalysing real, measurable actions. These contribute to a more sustainable future. I am proud of what we have accomplished so far. I am excited about the path ahead for My Zero Carbon. Let’s continue to work together, inspire each other, and make a lasting difference.




Thank you to everyone who supports and engages with the My Zero Carbon project. Your actions, big and small, are vital in our collective journey towards a zero-carbon world.

Across this website we use the following symbols for climate change tips


Cost of the action:              



Time investment:                 



CO2 savings:                       



Money savings:                



Other benefits:  


Other benefits may include personal health, water savings, nature conservation, better air quality, income for the local economy