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My Zero Carbon has produced a video that can help you to have conversations with "climate sceptic" friends, family, colleagues or neighbours and/or help you to improve your own understanding of Climate Change issues.

This video presents 10 common Climate Change myths and debunks them with good science and factual information from reputable sources.


The myths addressed are

Myth #1 Only a few degrees of warming doesn’t matter.

Myth #2 Volcanoes emit more Carbon Dioxide than humans.

Myth #3 There is no scientific consensus on Climate Change.

Myth #4 Climate Change will happen to someone else, not me.

Myth #5 Governments will sort it out. I don't need to take any personal action.

Myth #6 Western Countries aren’t the problem. It’s China.

Myth #7  Carbon Dioxide is good, because it is plant food

Myth #8 Solar panels are expensive and cause more problems.

Myth #9 Your climate action isn’t good enough.

Myth #10 The world will come to an end by 2030 due to Global Warming


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Background information


Myth #1 Only a few degrees

Temperature last 200m years


Myth #2: Volcanoes emit more CO2

CO2 emissions

CO2 emissions volcanoes (2019)

Which emits more CO2: volcanoes or humans? (2016)

USGS volcanos info


Myth #3 There is no scientific consensus

Research on consensus (2013)

Learning from mistakes in climate research (2015)

Did 30,000 scientists reject anthropogenic climate change? (2017)


Myth #4 Climate Change will happen to someone else

How many people impacted (2021)

Climate refugees


MYTH #5 Governments will sort it out

IPCC timeline

Greta Thunberg video (2021)


MYTH #6 China is the problem

China CO2 exporter


Myth #7 CO2 is plant food

More CO2 hurts key crops (2020)


MYTH #8 Solar panels are expensive

Crude oil prices, e.g.

Natural gas prices, e.g.

Fossil fuel subsidy IMF

Solar panel installation cost (BEIS 2021)  

Electricity generation cost comparison (2021)

Solar panel recycling


MYTH #9 Your climate action isn’t good enough

Climate actions

Top 10 tips


MYTH #10 The world will come to an end by 2030

Info greenhouse gas effect, e.g.;

How much ‘carbon budget’ is left to limit global warming to 1.5C? (April 2018)

Met Office (2018) How much CO2 at 1.5°C & 2°C?

Climate Change -Physical Science Basis (IPCC 2021)

Greta Thunberg speech (2019)



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Other benefits may include personal health, water savings, nature conservation, better air quality, income for the local economy