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The best time to act is now!


Climate Central has published a Coastal Risk Screening Tool.


The interactive maps show you the land at risk to be under the flood level across the globe for any future decade in the 21st century and for various Carbon Dioxide emission scenarios.


The interactive maps are based on data published by the IPCC in 2021. A video tutorial is available here.


The following maps show that we have no time to waste to take climate action to avoid the worst of Climate Change impacts.

The customisation settings for the maps are:

  • 2040;
  • Pollution pathway: current trajectory (carbon emissions keep changing according to current trends; rather than 'sweeping cuts now')
  • Projection type: sea level rise + annual flood (an increased intensity of storms may have a much greater effect on flooding than sea level rise itself)
  • luck: medium (50th percentile from IPCC estimates)
  • Sea level projection source: leading consensus (IPCC 2021).


These maps ignore potential protections via future coastal defences. Current coastal defenses may or may not protect areas shaded red, and may or may not be sufficient to defend against future higher sea levels.

That means, wealthy countries may be able to build & engineer their way out of  flooding disasters indicated on the maps, but poorer countries won't.


The coastal flood risk maps below show

London and the Thames Estuary, UK

The Humber and the Wash, UK

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

The Netherlands







Across this website we use the following symbols for climate change tips


Cost of the action:              



Time investment:                 



CO2 savings:                       



Money savings:                



Other benefits:  


Other benefits may include personal health, water savings, nature conservation, better air quality, income for the local economy