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Celebrating a social  media milestone - 10,000 followers on Twitter



Another Social Media milestone. Today (Monday 4 March 2024), My Zero Carbon is celebrating 10,000 followers on Twitter.


To say 'thank you' for the encouragement and support , today, I will extensively repost the posts of my top 40 reposters of  my Climate Change and Climate Action videos. This will also highlight some topics other than Climate Change important to my Twitter followers.


My Zero Carbon is also active on other social media including:




My Zero Carbon - The best time to act is now!





Across this website we use the following symbols for climate change tips


Cost of the action:              



Time investment:                 



CO2 savings:                       



Money savings:                



Other benefits:  


Other benefits may include personal health, water savings, nature conservation, better air quality, income for the local economy